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What makes us different?

We believe that our clients ability to successfully deliver a change programme is just as much our responsibility as it is theirs, which is why we do 2 things that many consultancies don’t:


1) Rather than keeping all our knowledge to ourselves and creating an unhealthy reliance upon external help, we work alongside your internal people so that we can up-skill them to handle complex change in the future, without our help!

2) To make sure that what we deliver stands the test of time, we offer every client 2 FREE follow up days where we come back into the business to analyse how well the change is sticking and advise you on how to continually develop to maximise the return on your change investment.

With many project management researchers stating that as few as 1/3rd of projects are completed successfully and on time, it’s clear that the realities of delivering projects is a significant challenge for many organisations. So unlike many other change consultancies, C Squared was born from a merger between change management and organisational design, because we saw all too often that change is implemented without the necessary attention to the wider organisational implications such as people, culture and strategy.


Our services cover the whole organisational lifecycle, so whether you are starting up a new subsidiary company, implementing efficiencies to deliver savings, introducing new technology / IT systems, restructuring your workforce, or refreshing the organisational strategy & culture (to name but a few!), our team of highly experienced specialists are able to work with you to deliver a successful project.


We can provide as much or as little support as you need, whether it be occasional consultancy sessions with you and your key managers to advise you how to proceed, or full on, full time project resources to help you implement your change project. Our refreshingly transparent and practical approach can help you to deliver your change projects successfully, on time, and within budget.

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How We

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