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We can conduct an objective review of your business case, business requirements and procurement to give an independent assurance to your ERP procurement. Enquire here...

We can conduct an objective review of how you currently provide your services and put together recommendations on how you could adopt different models. Enquire here...


We can revisit your organisation after a transformation programme to review and improve how the benefits from those changes are being embedded. Enquire here...


We can construct a business case and business plan for setting up a subsidiary company (including Teckal co's), and help you implement the full set up. Enquire here...


Making change happen...

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C Squared is all about making change happen, and our blend of people and process specialisms means that our services cover change across your whole organisational lifecycle, so whether you are implementing efficiencies to deliver savings, introducing new technology / IT systems (to name but a few!), our team of highly experienced specialists are able to work with you to deliver a successful project.


We offer an independent service providing assurance for ERP procurement and assurance of in flight implementations.  


We group our services into 2 divisions which mirror the 2 phases of a project - Planning and Implementation.

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For us, planning is all about making sure that you are doing the right things for the right reasons, and that you have fully thought through how things will work, but to do this effectively, you often need a "critical friend" to help you ensure there are no gaps or biases in your thinking. So we can help you with: 


We can conduct an independent review of your organisations plans / operations and provide advice and guidance on its feasibility / how to make improvements. 


We can review your operational "systems" to make sure that you are maximising the value of your people, processes, information and technologies. 





Simply put, implementation is about making sure that you have the right people doing the right things at the right time, and sometimes that isn't possible when just using internal resources. Our expert project teams are made up of a range of specialists that are used to delivering complex and business critical projects, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Some of our specific services include:


We can provide you with project planning support, specific project resources to supplement the skills in your team, or a full project implementation team. 


If you have concerns of the status of your current ERP project , C Squared  will assess your project and deliver a prioritised list of recommendations for success which will maximise your return of investment and accelerate the benefits realisation. Enquire here...

ERP Assurance

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We can analyse your operational set up to identify how to move towards a shared services model, and then help you implement the necessary changes. 



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We can advise on  cutting edge technologies that can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation, and help you implement them



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